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Chances to get posted jobs

  • Access to jobs limited to featured members – quote right away Yes
  • Less competition on limited job postings – better prices Yes
  • Automatic notification of jobs – you will never miss a chance Yes
  • Access to jobs not limited to featured members – chances for all Yes

Exposure for more client contacts

  • High position in the directory – be among the first who are contacted by
    potential clients Yes
  • Profile page with photograph and downloadable CV – save marketing time Yes
  • Random display of your photo or logo on the home page – instant contacts
    with potential clients Yes
  • Automatic referral – job posters are redirected to your directory listing Yes
    Click-through counter – track visits to your profile Yes

More safety with jobs

  • Access to the complete* contact information of a job poster – more safety before accepting a job Yes
  • Unlimited access to the ALL outsourcer profiles listed in the feedback forum – check the reliability of translation outsourcers Yes

Cooperation with colleagues

  • Access to the translation agencies list – find new business partners Yes
  • Access to the job posting system – find suitable translators / interpreters for your project Yes
  • Access to Conges Terminology Help – get instant help with difficult terms Yes
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